Thursday, 26 November 2015

Poetry Competition

The poetry competition winners were announced just 
Juliette Booij
after the book fair. Each winner was presented with a
£5 voucher for the book fair. Books now have been
ordered and given to the excellent winners.

Ellie Naybour
It was difficult choosing the five winners as we had so many fantastic entries. The
winner's poetry is now on display in the Library.
Drop by and see them.

Scarlett Jenkins

The Winners:

Juliette Booij  for Nursery/Reception
Ellie Naybour for Years 1/2
Scarlett Jenkins for Years 3/4
Olivia Murtagh for Years 5/6

Arabella Sanchez - Overall School Winner

Arabella Sanchez
Olivia Murtagh
Congratulations to you all, and a big 
'well done' to everyone else who entered.
You made some incredible poems.

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