Sunday, 22 November 2015

Lauren Pearson

What A Treat! 

We had a visit from Lauren Pearson, author of the
amazing 'Crabtree School' book series, during our
Book Fair week on Tuesday 10th November.
Years 2,3 and 4 gathered with great excitement in the hall.
Lauren dazzled us with readings from her 'Crabtree School'
series which follows the adventures of five seven and eight-year-olds
at the best primary school in all of Great Britain. They are a perfect
blend of real family, friends and school life that the children adore.
Lauren shared with the children her inspiration for her stories - her very own children, Ava and Johnny.
The children heard about how important characters are in story-telling and together they worked with Lauren to create their own and then some children even got to act them out while our very own, Andrea Ryan, drew the characters. 
They got a chance to ask her questions and then meet her afterwards during the book signing.
The children had great fun!
 "I enjoyed all the brilliant advice for becoming an author" - Leo - Sapphire
 "It was an amazing visit with lots of fun advice." -Georgine - Sapphire
" My favourite part was when I got to pretend I was a character."  - Freya - Sapphire
It was a fantastic visit. Thank you Lauren!

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