Thursday, 31 January 2019

Polly Faber - Author Visit

POLLY FABER, children’s book author, came to St Joseph’s
to meet children in Reception and Years 1 – 4 on Tuesday 29th January.
The children and teachers had a fabulous morning being entertained by Polly’s presentation about her stories and being a writer.
Reception and Year 1 were treated to Polly reading of ‘Picking Pickle’, a heart-warming and funny story all about choosing the right pet. It was a very inter-active affair with Polly getting the children involved in a game of catch with a tennis ball and asking questions about their favourite pets. There was an atmosphere of great excitement as they all headed back to class.

Children in Years 2, 3 and 4 were given an engaging and lively presentation by Polly on her book series ‘Mango & Bambang’, illustrated by Clara Vulliamy. She encouraged the children to ask her questions and they were very keen to know why she had chosen to write about a tapir.  Polly explained that the tapir was an endangered species and little known unlike animals such as tigers, dogs or rabbits. Polly described the time she had first encountered a tapir - “a cross between a zebra and an ant-eater” - at London Zoo and showed some pictures.
There was lots of fun and laughter from the children when Polly shared funny facts about tapirs such as when they sleep they resemble boulders so that any tigers passing by don’t eat them! Good camouflage!
Polly also talked about how her stories are made into books and that as her hand-writing is terrible she always uses a computer to write. She explained to the children that you need a team of people to create a book. Although, she showed the children the first book she had made when she was 12 using paper and string.
Polly signed copies of her books and enjoyed sharing with the children what she was good at – eating cake! David, Green class, was particularly good at raising one eyebrow!

Copies of all her books are available in the Library.

Thanks to Polly Faber for taking the time to come and meet and inspire us.
Thanks to all Parents/Carers for their support for this event.