Friday, 26 June 2015

Record breakers!

Will you be taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge? Register at your local library and read six books over the summer to win all sorts of prizes!

Look out for more details on this display in the library and pick up a bookmark, or go to to find out more.

It all starts on the 4th of July so register now!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Introducing... Madrick

First discovered by Charles de Almeida, 
fearless monster wrangler

My monster is a 4 headed creature that has 14 heads and a whopping 173 eyes. It has teeny, weeny arms and legs. Another feature of Madrick is that there are crab –like pincers that shoot poison darts and it has wings on its tail so it can fly.

Madrick was created to keep all the underworld spirits where they belong and it is good friends with Cerberus the 3 headed dog.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Introducing... Zaper

First discovered by Io Kogawa, 
world-famous adventurer

My monster has long, sharp claws and eats meat. My monster has wings and a short tail! My monster has deadly sharp fangs.

Zaper has the body of a lion, the head of a phoenix and the tail of a tiger.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Introducing... The Devil's Advocate

First documented by Dylan Hughes, 

renowned volcanologist

The Devil’s Advocate is found swimming in magma and can grow to the amazing height of 20m (tentacles not included)! It has a burning, translucent body and one reptilian eye.

The poisonous spikes situated on the end of its three stingers/tentacles are used to immobilise prey (usually tourists visiting the volcano) and to absorb their nutrients.

The three stingers together can sometimes look like the devil’s three pronged spear, henceforth giving it its name.

Their eggs are quite beautiful things, many have mistaken them for orbs of obsidian and jewels – a fatal mistake.

They have body temperatures of 50,000oC or more.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Introducing... The Chanting Lynx

First discovered by Dante McDonald, 
celebrated naturalist

It is called a chanting lynx because it has the wings of a chanting goshawk and the body of a lynx. It is normally found in desolate, faded fields/land. 

The lynx changes colour in winter to blue and white to camouflage itself better but its normal appearance is yellow and black. They are a peaceful species.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Library Gallery

The winners of the monster competition are now up on the walls of the library! The St Joseph's Book of Monsters is quite a sight - stop by and have a look!

Introducing... Sethpai

First discovered by Victoria Badcott, 
valiant explorer of the Canepople wilds

This creature is found in Canepople. It can grow up to 5/6 cm tall and weight two or three kilograms at adulthood. It eats rocks, such as granite or sandstone, and cod, scampi, hake or whitebait.

There is a thin layer of skin surrounding its eyeball to keep it moist, but if it were to get broken or scratched then it would send a jet of fluid up its antenna to keep it moist and wet. Young are usually born in the middle of September; 30 or 40 eggs are produced and attached to the body with a delicate thread of skin.

Sethpais can move up to rates of 164mph, even though they don’t have legs. They live in burrows in the river banks. By jumping up and down their sharp bottoms can dig underground. These creatures are venomous. The green bit of their cone ejects slightly and can be used to kill attacking animals.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Introducing... Dread

First discovered by Leonie Malone, 
courageous hunter

Dread is a venomous creature. He has dark, green, slimy scales. He is a carnivore and attacks his prey. He also uses his claws to attack his prey.

Dread is very venomous. You would not like to meet him

He is very slim but his head is fat. He has razor sharp teeth. He lives in a gloomy cave.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Introducing... Vampire X

First discovered by Dylan Hughes, 
intrepid mountaineer.

This large, bloodthirsty bat is rarely seen during the day as its ruby-red eyes are specifically for night vision.

When hunting, the Vampire X (named after its shape and diet) can reach speeds of 970 miles per hour by vibrating its huge, delicate wings 100 times per second.

It dines mainly on sheep and cattle’s blood, but if it is desperate or hungry it will attack humans. They live in the Himalayan mountain range but can migrate to different countries.


Thursday, 11 June 2015

This week the prizes for the monster competition arrived for the winners! Artist Geoffrey Sear has created some amazing images of the children's monsters, and they were very excited to see what they had created fully illustrated!

There will be a post for each of the winning monsters in the coming weeks, so look forward to seeing them in all their glory!

Well done to all the winners - your imagination has created some wonderful and terrifying creatures!

Dante, Charles, Dylan and Victoria
share their incredible creations
Leonie and Io with  their monsters:
Dread and Zaper

The Book Fair is Over!

We wish farewell for the last time this year to the St Joseph's Book Fair. Once again everyone was hugely enthusiastic and the children had a fantastic time!

This time we raised more than £1,200 in resources for the school! That is absolutely incredible, and will really help to stock our new, larger library. Thank you so very much to everyone who got involved.

Enjoy your books!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wall art!

Last week the library was visited by a very talented artist. Now our walls are adorned with some wonderful paintings and inspirational quotes. Take a look!

Which is your favourite?