Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Introducing... Sethpai

First discovered by Victoria Badcott, 
valiant explorer of the Canepople wilds

This creature is found in Canepople. It can grow up to 5/6 cm tall and weight two or three kilograms at adulthood. It eats rocks, such as granite or sandstone, and cod, scampi, hake or whitebait.

There is a thin layer of skin surrounding its eyeball to keep it moist, but if it were to get broken or scratched then it would send a jet of fluid up its antenna to keep it moist and wet. Young are usually born in the middle of September; 30 or 40 eggs are produced and attached to the body with a delicate thread of skin.

Sethpais can move up to rates of 164mph, even though they don’t have legs. They live in burrows in the river banks. By jumping up and down their sharp bottoms can dig underground. These creatures are venomous. The green bit of their cone ejects slightly and can be used to kill attacking animals.

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