Thursday, 26 November 2015

Poetry Competition Poems

L ights
I n the sky
G lowing up high
H old me tight
T o see the night.

Juliette Booij

Moon, moon it shines so bright
twinkling with the stars at night.
Wow, what a wonderful sight
as I look at the incredible light.

Stars, stars make the night shine.
Sometimes I count them up to eight or nine.
At bed time they make me feel fine
with their amazing shapes and lines.

Ellie Naybour

I like light
It is nice and bright.
I don't like it when mum tucks me up tight,
And turns off the light!

I like light
It's not too bright.
And when it's night,
the moon is my light.

Scarlett Jenkins

Day and Night

This is a poem about two balls of light,
One for the day and one for the night.
The 1st ball of light is very bright,
Even lighter than the blinding moon of the night.

The 2nd ball of light is for the night,
All dark and scary it will give you a fright.
But did you know that the light is generated from the sun,
And when it goes out you know the job's done.

Now listen here,
Oh dear, Oh dear,
looks like the light has disappeared.
You're stuck with the night from now till morning,
I know you agree it's pretty boring.

Olivia Murtagh

As I lie under a sycamore tree and let my eyes close,
And as the wind whistles lightly
Just enough for me to doze.
I wonder to myself as I look up at the sky,
Why does the moon that shines so
bright, only come out when the day
goes by?

I ask my mother when I get home,
but all she answers is
the answer is unknown.

I wonder and wonder and wonder
without end,
but the answer might be just around the bend.

Arabella Sanchez

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