Thursday, 20 November 2014

We've been reading The Horse and His Boy in Year 5's library sessions and it has proved very interesting.

The Horse and His Boy is like a deleted scene from the Narnia series. It happens between The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Prince Caspian whilst Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are still kings and queens and a few years older than we're used to!

Most of the book doesn't even happen in Narnia but in a distant country called 'Calormen'. Year 5 have done a great job of getting to grips with all the odd words and traditions of this strange country like 'Tarkaan' and 'Tisroc' (may he live forever).

There was a lot of excitement over the entry to the capital city, 'Tashbaan'. We discussed what might happen when the main characters entered the city in disguise.

Here are a few of my favourite ideas:

  • Aravis' evil, hunchback, ape-faced fiancĂ© would be in the city and recognise her
  • A guard would spot that they were disguised and the horses would be shot with arrows
  • An assassin in the city would target them
  • Shasta would be arrested for horse stealing and the others would have to spring him out of prison
  • They would make it through the city fine but be joined by another (grumpy) talking horse for the rest of the journey who would annoy them and eat all their food!
There was some amazing creativity from the whole class. But no one guessed what does happen, which is so surprising and so outrageous you could never guess it...

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