Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Who's Who: Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson is one of the most popular children's writers there is. Most of you will have read or seen the Gruffalo but how about these other brilliant books:

Tiddler The Story-Telling Fish: A little fish is always late for school, but he always has an excuse. When he's lost at sea will his silly stories help him find his way home?

What the Ladybird Heard: A ladybird overhears a terrible plot to steal the farmer's prize cow. Not to worry though - the ladybird has a cunning plan...

Jack and the Flumflum Tree: Granny has the moosles and only Jack can help! Off he goes to the far-away land of Blowyernose to find the cure but there are many dangers standing in his way!

  • Julia started as a song writer! That's why her books have such great rhyme and rhythm. Have you ever tried writing a song?
  • She and some of her fellow writers have written plays to be read out in the classroom. Have you tried performing a story?
  • Her books are about so many different things: monsters, cavemen, weddings, adventures, witches and little fish. All are great books! If a good book can be about anything what would you choose to write about?

    Julia Donaldson reads What the Ladybird Heard
    Some of her books have been turned into shows!
    For the parents: You may also have seen Julia Donaldson's name on books from the Oxford Reading Tree; more than a hundred of her books are for reading schemes. All her books are great for developing reading and writing skills - her use of rhyme, rhythm and unusual words can make them good for activities with children of any age. For example, older children can have a great time trying to write stories, songs or poems in her style.

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