Friday, 20 October 2017

National Poetry Day Competition Winners

Winning Poem by Julius (Indigo)


Free us, Free us, Free us,
Free us, Free us, Free us
Let us live as our wish
Let us lead the way we need
Give us the scope to fly so high
Give us the way to reach so high
Let us be part of the game
Though we lose or though we gain
Let us show our height and weight
Give us the chance to read and write
Give us the chance to know and think
Let us be with you
Let us be along with you 
Give us a chance to sing and dance
Give us a chance to spring and blossom
Let us be as great as you
Let us be equal to you
Let us express our thoughts and feelings
Let us exhibit our talents and ideas
Free us, Free us, Free us
Free us, Free us, Free us

A fabulous poem!

Winning Poem by Emeka (Amethyst)


Freedom the scorching light of the sun
But if I stay they'll find me like a burnt bun
I have to run, I have to run
Nowhere to have any fun

They catch me, they kill me
Fear not for they will not see
The traps are only trouble
I want to fly away in a small little bubble

Fantastic adventures await me on my steed
The perfect match of velocity and speed
The calm rolled out seas
The summer sets out its bees

I have not long in this paradise
This is a game of cat and mice
Is it all how it seemed
no it was all a dream

Great use of vocabulary. An intriguing poem.
Well done!

Winning Poem by Robert (Sapphire)


Freedom is going outside,
flowing free like a river 
into the sea.

Freedom is running through a field.
Freedom is flying through the sky like a 
beautiful Eagle.

Excellent Poem
Well done!

Winning Poem by Thomas (Green)


I love freedom it makes me so alive. 
It's so lovely it makes me burst with pride.

A man who fought for freedom his name was 
Martin Luther King.
He was a man who had a dream. 

Freedom is an everlasting hope that once reached
cannot be taken away.

I hope that we can all live in peace and harmony and 
enjoy freedom one day.

Beautiful thoughtful poem.
Well done!

Winning Poem by Isabella (Emerald)


Freedom should give you a more joyful life
when you could do whatever you like.
If I had the chance to do whatever I wanted to 
I would visit the Statue of Liberty
with my friends of different nationalities and when we arrived we would drink lemonade to celebrate the day.
To celebrate Freedom!

A lovely thoughtful poem.
Well done!

Winning Poem by Giselle (Blue Class) 


Freedom is
Running in big fields
Exploring everywhere
Educating yourself
Doing what you love
Opening your eyes to the world
Making your dreams come true.

What a lovely poem and really well presented.

Well done!

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