Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Author Trip

Eoin Colfer, Andrew Donkin and Giovanni Rigano

Children from Year 6 went to Coleridge Junior School to meet Eoin Colfer, former Irish Children’s Laureate and the author of the popular science fantasy novels ‘Artemis Fowl’. He was there to talk about his latest book, a graphic novel entitled ‘Illegal’, a timely story about a migrant boy’s epic journey across Africa to Europe.

There was great excitement as we walked to Coleridge in Crouch End on the morning of Wednesday 4th October. Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin , co-author, gave a lively, fun and informative presentation on the making of their graphic novel. 

Meanwhile in the background the Italian illustrator, Giovanni Rigano, was demonstrating with his live drawing the speed and accuracy of his craft to the obvious delight of the children who applauded after each drawing was finished.

Eoin and Andrew explained that all the news covering the desperate blight of migrants had touched their hearts and they had been drawn to write this story. They felt a responsibility to bring more awareness and understanding to the terrible journeys that our fellow humans are subjected to in their search for a better life. Their message to the children was that everyone matters and that we should do all we can to help.

Eoin and Andrew’s made their presentation very light-hearted and funny. They shared the secrets of their writing including the good advice of always making a plan before writing and being observant of the world and people around us.

And at the end there was an opportunity for the children to ask the authors questions:

Georgine asked: if you could be in any of your books, who would you be and why?
Priscilla asked: where did you two first meet?
Michaela asked: will you continue writing serious books or go back to comedy?

Finally, there was a book signing for those children who had pre-purchased copies of ‘Illegal’.

Eoin said he was delighted to meet us all and that, hopefully, next time he would visit us.

Something to look forward to!

Thank you to Coleridge Primary School and Pickled Pepper Books for organising this event. 

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