Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Library Awards

Junior Librarian Award

Every term we choose pupil librarians from our Years 5 and 6. These children are instructed by the school Librarian in how a library functions and they help with running and monitoring the library during lunch times.

This term our librarians have done an excellent job and to thank them they were presented at the final assembly this morning, Wednesday 20th December, with a Junior Librarian Award together with their library portraits.


Alice - Violet
Maggie - Violet
Emeka - Amethyst
Onyedikachi - Amethyst
Shayne - Amethyst
Lola - Violet
Tamara - Indigo
Leonie - Indigo
Kidiana - Tanzanite
Lily - Tanzanite

Well done!

Your teachers will be selecting Junior Librarians for next term after the holidays so make sure you let them know if you would like to help in the Library.

Reading Award

Reading Awards were also presented at the assembly for children whose reading this term has been exceptional. The following children have been reading consistently and exploring new authors and genres.


Amethyst Class - Scarlett, Ondine, Esther and Cherie
Violet Class - Lewhat and Natalia
Tanzanite Class - Ruby and Monty
Indigo - Alice, Richard and Jasmine
Sapphire - Jude and Kesanet
Blue - Giselle
Green - Max, Eleanor and Elizabeth
Emerald - Valentin

Well done!

Keep reading and maybe next term you too will have a 
Reading Award!

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