Friday, 7 July 2017

Reading Zone Live

Gillian Cross – Reading Zone Live Event

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary were lucky to be selected to host the recent ReadingZone Live event with award-winning author, Gillian Cross (The Demon Headmaster, Wolf, and Shadow Cat), on Wednesday 28th June.

20 children from Year 5 participated in the video conference which was filmed live from our school. Gillian Cross talked about her inspiration for writing and took questions directly from our children and from Cheam Farm Junior School children in Sutton via video conference.

In preparation for this event our children had been reading and enjoying her book ‘The Demon Headmaster’ during their library sessions. They had also created posters on the author’s life and works that Gillian was delighted with. Some of them are on display in the Library.

The team from London Grid for Learning (LGfL) and ReadingZone commented on how “immaculately behaved” our children were. They showed incredible concentration and asked lots of intelligent questions. 
“They were a credit to the school”, the LGfL team said.

We hope that this is the first of many such events as they contribute to improving literacy and inspiring our children.

It was a fabulous experience!

To watch the video follow the link:

The event is suitable for years 4-9

To find out more about the reading zone author events follow the link:

We have many of Gillian Cross books in the Library. Come along and borrow one. 
They are really good!

Thanks to the LGfL and Reading Zone teams for making this possible.

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