Monday, 13 March 2017

World Book Day - Dress-Up Competition

We had a very booky

World Book Day!

Take a look at our photo gallery.

Infant Assembly

Reading Sessions in the playground


Poppy - Mad-Hatter and Aretha - Queen of Hearts (Amber Class)
Oliver - Wally and Dani - Cat in the Hat (Citrine Class)
Frankie - Umpa Lumpa and Cecilia - Elliott, the Dragon  (White)
Ava - ...the Wardrobe and Bethany - BFG (Orange)
Mia and Gracie - Queen of Hearts (Yellow Class)
Brandon - Willy Wonka and Tilly - Snow Queen (Diamond)

Narelle - Hazel Wong and Leo - Poseidon (Tanzanite)

Celino - Pirate and Grace - Alice in Wonderland (Emerald)
Henry - Mr Strong and Maisie - Queen of Hearts (Green)
Alice - Child-catcher and Jack - Willy Wonka (Indigo)
Zia - Pharaoh and Alessia - Mad hatter (Violet Class)

Ciaran - Robin Hood and Esther - Book of Life (Turquoise)
Lana - Grandma Georgina and Arthur - Fantastic Mr Fox (Ruby)
Isabella - Lola and Dominic - Dusty (Red)

Jasmine - Caterpillar and Reece - Sherlock Holmes (Amethyst)

Thomas - Troll and Lily - Dorothy (Pearl)

Congratulations to you all!

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