Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Drama Workshop

“Celebrating Shakespeare 2016”

Workshop presented by the Freshwater Theatre Company

Archway Library

Friday 11th November

 As part of the celebrations for Shakespeare, as it is 400 years since his death
a group of Year 5 children were invited to Archway Library to a workshop presented by the Freshwater Theatre Company. It was called “Shakespeare’s Life and Times” and it was designed to discover more about the man behind the plays. The children had lots of fun learning about Shakespeare. They re-enacted scenes from the Bard’s plays, exploring the plot, experimenting with the language and taking on a host of captivating characters. There was a lot of laughter and excitement. And there was on ‘shushing’ going on despite it being in the Library!!

A huge thank you to the Freshwater Theatre Company and Archway Library for inviting us.


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