Monday, 18 May 2015

Welcome to the library!

The library has now moved! No longer only occupying a single room, the library now fills the school house. There are now separate rooms for picture books, chapter books and non-fiction, with a table for group study and a lovely outdoor area which should see a lot of use now that summer has finally arrived! There are all sorts of big plans for continuing improvements to what the library has to offer, so stay tuned!

There are all sorts of plans for this new space, and we've only just started so keep an eye out for what comes next!

A huge thank you to everyone who has come to a school book fair this year! We have been able to add some fantastic new books to the library entirely funded by book fair proceeds, including a large number of dyslexia friendly books. We have also purchased some books for the older pupils looking to go further with their reading. As these books include some darker themes, they will only be made available to Years 5 and 6, but please let us know if you’d still rather your child not to be allowed to borrow them. Remember, you can see what new books we are adding on Reading Cloud so have a look to see what you might want to reserve – they’ll go quickly!

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