Friday, 20 March 2015

Alan Durant

 On Wednesday St Joseph’s was visited by Alan Durant, author of over ninety books including Football FeverDear Tooth-Fairy and Billy Monster's Daymare.

Alan led a whole-school assembly and ran workshops with Years 1 and 2. During the day the children heard poetry about custard, why monsters are scared of children and how being small is a superpower. They wrote stories and songs about pirates, pterodactyls, sweets and unicorns. Every class that worked together on a story had some absolutely amazing ideas that took everyone by surprise.

Alan also taught us all what it means to be an author. When he was younger he thought you’d need a long, grey beard and a giant brain. You don’t! You just need to love reading, and to write about something that you care about.

It was a fantastic day and all the children and staff who saw Alan in action had a brilliant time! Thank you Alan!
These are just a few of Alan Durant's fantastic books!

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