Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Now Showing: You're a Bad Man Mr. Gum!

Year 2 have been hearing You're a Bad Man, Mr. Gum by Andy Stanton in their library sessions. It has been completely silly and brilliant fun!

This is one of the strangest books I've ever read. Year 2 will agree that we never knew what was coming next.

You're a Bad Man Mr. Gum is the story of a bad man called Mr. Gum. 

And a dog called Jake. 

And an old man called Friday O'Leary, a fairy obsessed with gardening wielding a frying pan, an evil butcher called Billy William the Third.

Most importantly of all it's a story of a little girl called Jammy Grammy Lammy F'Huppa F'Huppa Berlin Stereo Eo Eo Lebb C'Yepp Nermonica Le Straypek De Grespin De Crespin De Spespin De Vespin De Whoop De Loop De Brunkle Merry Christmas Le Noir

...or "Polly" as she's known to her friends.

It takes us on a journey of magical pirate dolphin chocolate, of dancing moles and gobstopper bowling. It's got songs, sound effects, secret stories and even maths. It's utterly crazy, and fantastic fun. Much of Year 2 has also been reading the other books in the series and I'm sure they'd tell you that all the books are even more fun than an episode of 'Bag of Sticks'.


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