Monday, 1 December 2014

Contest Winner! 'The Voices' by Natalia

'The Voices' by Natalia in Year 6 was the other poem to win. It is impressively creepy and utterly chilling. Wrap up under the covers for this one! Congratulations Natalia for scaring me badly enough I had to give you a prize. Enjoy!

'The Voices'

As Maya ran rapidly to her room,
the pictures seem to stare at her face,
she remembered the deadly tomb,
the shadows danced around in grace.

No one knew she was there,
no one really cared.
But as she heard the familiar voices,
she hid; terrified and scared.

Why were they haunting her,
there's no reason why
And as she jumed to her bed
she was even prepared to die.

As morning came, all she did was shake her head.
She didn't want to belive what was going on,
on her arm was blood so red.

She could only shake her head
"Why me?"
"Did this have to be?"
She hoped she was wrong.


  1. SCARRRYYYY!!! I love your poem Natalia. It is quiet Terrifying! :) Lucia

  2. booo(did i scare you?)
    super scary!
    love it!