Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Who's Who: Eoin Colfer

We've got a lot of books by Eoin Colfer in the library! Have you read any of them? Here are a few you might like:

Artemis Fowl: A fourteen year old criminal mastermind decides to con fairies out of a huge amount of gold. Magic, scams and dwarf farts – this book has it all, and seven amazing sequels!

Half Moon Investigations: Private Investigator and schoolboy Fletcher Moon has to step up his game if he wants to catch the Sharkey boys in the act! This book is really funny and has an amazing twist – can you see it coming?

The Legend of Spud Murphy: The tale of the legendary ninja librarian and her terrifying gas powered spud-gun. See? Librarians are awesome! The next book in the series is about ghost pirates!

·  Eoin Colfer first started to love writing when he tried exciting stories about Vikings. What would you be excited to write about?

·  He wrote Benny and Omar based on what he saw when he lived in Tunisia. What do you know a lot about that you could use in a story? What story could you tell about where you live?

·  In his books he often shows that he cares a lot about the environment; in Artemis Fowl the fairies talk about how humans are ruining our planet. What do you care about that you would want to tell people about in a story?
·  Eoin is almost 50 now but he first started getting really into writing when he was in primary school like you! Try writing something and see where it takes you!

Eoin reads from Artemis Fowl and talks about writing
A trailer for Airman

For the parents: Eoin Colfer is a really entertaining author and there are a wide range of his books in the library that cover a range of themes and reading ages. The Benny series and Legend series are good places to start for less confident readers before building up to Artemis Fowl. The Supernaturalist and the new W.A.R.P. series are also excellent but contain much darker themes, so be aware if your child wants to read them; not recommended for under 10s. Not on our shelves (but one of my favourites) is Airman: a great adventure story in the vein of Treasure Island.

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