To follow on our celebrations for Roald Dahl’s 100 year anniversary the library launched a ‘Design a Bookmark Competition’. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s life and works the children were encouraged to design a bookmark featuring characters from his books and images from his life.

There were so many absolutely fantastic entries and it was difficult choosing a winner from each class.

Pearl – Frankie-rae
Red – Matilde
Ruby – Imogen
Amber – Martha
Orange – Bethany
Diamond- Sapphire
Citrine – Dillon
Yellow – Assumpta
Emerald – Aaliyah
Green – Robert
Sapphire – Jasmine
Blue – Isabella
Turquoise – Kayleigh
Tanzanite – Narelle
Indigo – Priscilla
Violet – Destiny
Amethyst – Arabella

There was a special prize ‘The Librarian’s Favourite’ that went to Georgine –Turquoise class. Georgine had not only designed a spectacular bookmark but had laminated it, ready to use.


Well done Georgine!

The contest is now over but you can see the winning entries here:

  1. The Caretaker Does his Job by Olivia Cronin
  2. The Voices by Natalia Flavell
  3. Charlie and the Factory Glass by Bahgi Ghiliu
  4. Best Friends or Not??? by Leah Paul and Yulia Yeheyis 
  5. The Kiss of Death by Alexandra Konieczny
This was the original contest:

There are five book tokens of £5 each up for grabs that can be spent at the book fair. For a chance to win you just need to write something and hand it in at the library (with your name and class on it) by the end of the day on Monday!

You can write anything including:

  • A story
  • A poem
  • A book review or recommendation
  • Something about your favourite author
...or something else! The important thing is to use your imagination.

If you aren't confident with writing that's OK, as long as you try! The winners won't necessarily be the children who write the most or with the best punctuation and spelling.

For children in Nursery or Reception: a drawing annotated with a few sentences you dictate to an adult to describe the story behind it is a good entry!

Years 1 and 2 please include a drawing too if you'd like!

Get creative and good luck!

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